Best Apps That Pay You to Walk in 2023

When you walk with your loved one then that time was really awesome because it gives you the proper time to get some fresh air and also helps you to talk to your partner in a proper manner.

Have you ever imagined that this way helps you to feel so good? But, we all know that these things happen rarely to go for a walk because we really enjoy staying at home and also we don’t have any idea that walking together is really one of the fun taking moments. 

Things get changed when we get to know that there are lots of apps that will pay you to walk. We never thought that we can earn well by just simply using the money walking apps as it is required in my life. Getting paid for a walk is like getting paid to sleep. 

Anyway, I told my partner about these apps and also both of us created our accounts on these apps and started using them. Now, we will try to go for a walk every day in terms to earn money while using these apps. 

If you want to get some motivation in the process to begin and in terms of wanting your walking fun then I suggest you try these apps which will help you to earn by walking.

Yes, we know that you didn’t earn a huge amount of money by doing this but you will earn a little amount of money, and also helps you to be healthy and helps you to feel good. 

So, if you really want to get some more motivation then you must need to check out this post which helps you to know about the benefits of walking every day then try these best apps that pay you to walk. 

Best Apps That Pay You to Walk

Best Apps That Pay You to Walk

When we create this list, we only have five apps in this list but at present, we have lots of apps available in this list that you can check out easily. Lots of them are really good and really helpful for you. 

I work really hard to find out some of the best apps that pay you to walk. Also, these apps get updated from time to time and things get different at the time of reading this. I try so hard to keep this article updated timely. So, I must read this article to understand these apps. 

Also Check:

  • SweatCoin

If you really want to get an app that will pay you by just walking outside then SweatCoin is one of the apps which takes place in this list. If we talk about the working of this app then you need to know that when you take 1,000 steps then you will get rewarded with 0.95 SweatCoins.

Also, these SweatCoins are completely similar to crypto like BitCoin. You can easily be able to use these rewards in this app only. Also, you can be able to send these rewards to your friends as well.

You need to know that the rewards on SweatCoin get changed on a daily basis and in this case, I suggest you save your SweatCoins until you will get something that you really like. 

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  • Optimity

You need to know that Optimity is one of the revived carrot rewards apps which is one of the Canadian paid to walk apps and this app gets introduced in British Columbia in the year 2015. But, in the year 2019, this app gets shut down because of some funding issues. 

Now, Optimity is still available in the beta stages and due to this, its reward section lacks a bit. Currently, they are providing the raffles and also the petro points as well. Also, we hope that they will add some new things very soon. 

Also, the changes to earn on the Optimity app are completely similar to the carrot. You can also be able to get paid to: 

  • Take Steps: You are required to achieve your daily goal in the process to earn gems along with the steak bonuses if you use this app on a continuous basis. 
  • Read and Quiz Yourself: As similar to the carrot rewards, Optimity is having the “Learn and Earn Section” along with the easy rewards chances and also it has some interesting facts as well. 
  • Step Together: Also, here you can be able to challenge your friends to achieve the goal. 
  • Refer Friends: For every task, you will be able to earn gems and also you can be able to exchange them for rewards as well. As I mentioned above, 1000 Petro Points costs 9000 gems. So, it means that 90 gems mean 1 cent.

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  • Runtopia

Runtopia mainly works to help you to improve your fitness and also helps you to earn rewards as well. Also, they will allow the users to set their exercise goals while running and walking and also while cycling as well. Also, you can be able to have an audio coach play at the time of your workouts. 

Also, they provide training programs that are available in this app in terms to help the users to warm up and also to stretch and lose weight, and much more. Also, there are some other features that need to have a premium or paid membership but most of the features are free to use. 

When you start doing exercise with the Runtopia then you are required to complete your daily tasks which are available in the app also you can be able to take part in the community and then you can be able to earn sports coins. Also, you can easily redeem the sports coins for the products and also for the free memberships and coupons and also be able to get PayPal cash as well. 

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  • LifeCoin

Now, if we talk about the next apps that pay you to walk Lifecoin is one of the best apps in it. It is completely similar to the sweatcoin but it has a different look. Also, the functions of this app are also similar to Sweatcoin. Like, you can be able to earn LifeCoins by simply walking outside and also as a free user, you can easily be able to earn 5 LifeCoins in a day. 

If you are looking to upgrade this app then you can be able to get 10 LifeCoins in a day also for an upgrade, you are required to pay $4.33 per month. As a subscriber, you can also be able to access the Azumio premium means that you will get premium access to all the other apps as well. 

Also, bitcoins allow you to simply select gift cards that you can simply redeem as your LifeCoins to get some of the physical products such as Airpods, Quadcopter, or also Beats headphones as well. 

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  • Achievement

Achievement is one of the apps which pay you to walk and also helps you to earn by just doing some of the other healthy activities as well.

When you get registered on this app then you will be able to simply start linking any of the other health apps in terms of use to the achievement. Also, after linking any app, you can be able to simply start earning points for the task which you do already. 

Also, there are lots of fun methods which help you to earn money with the help of the achievement besides walking. So, simply download this app and start exploring and earning. When you earn 10,000 points then you can be able to redeem them for $10

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  • StepBet

StepBet is one of the different free apps that pay you to walk. This app takes place because it is having a very less amount of risk. You must need to stick to the goals and also you need to compete against the other players. 

At the time when you sign up on this app and start connecting with the fitness tracker and then StepBet will start calculating your step goals.

Also, these goals will challenge you to walk as much as you can. After achieving your goal, you can easily be able to join a game and also start making a bet as well.

You must need to achieve your goal 6 times a week for every week of the game and if you didn’t achieve then you will lose it. 

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  • Charity Miles

You need to know that charity miles don’t come under the apps that pay you to walk but with this, you will start earning for your favorite charities. It is one of the best ideas and due to this, I have to add this app to this list. The members of the charity miles already earned more than 2.5 million dollars for several charities by just walking, running an also by biking as well. 

You just simply need to select 1 or 42 charities by which you like to earn money and then you just simply need to start walking. Charity Miles will measure the distance and also it will donate money on the basis of how far you go. It’s really simple. 

Charity Miles is having 8 sponsors at present who will repurpose their advertising budget and also instead of using the money for the ads, they put that money towards the charities you are walking for. 

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  • Lympo

Lympo is one of the interesting apps for which you will just pay by just walking and they will pay after a complete walk or also by completing the running challenges. New challenges will get added to the app and after completing any challenge, you will earn LYME town which you can easily be able to redeem as per the reward. 

It is really nice about Lymph that you can simply complete the challenges anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter that they will allow you to connect with several types of health trackers.

When you redeem the LYM token, then it seems like you will be able to redeem them for the products which are available in this app. It is really cool that you will be able to withdraw the tokens into your wallet in the future but we don’t know how much time it takes. 

Lympo has also started giveaways for Amazon gift cards and also other products which is a kind of extra bonus. I am also waiting for this app to come to Canada. 

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  • PK Rewards App

PK rewards will pay you to walk but also you can be able to earn by just doing exercises. If you are moving, then you can be able to earn PK rewards. Before every workout, you need to open the PK rewards app using your phone or also by using your Apple watch and then you need to click on the “Start Earning” option. Sometimes, it will be a hassle but we assure you about its accuracy. 

When you complete your workout then you need to end it by simply making a click on the button again and also after this, they will calculate the time and also the efforts in the “Effort Score” in terms to reward your coins. In simple terms, the harder your work, the more you are rewarded. 

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  • Walgreens Balance Rewards

If you are one of the frequent Walgreens shoppers then you may become a part of the Walgreens Balance Rewards program. It may be that you know or not but it is one of the best methods to earn the balance reward points by just simply walking outside. 

For every mile you walk, you can be able to earn 20 points, and also max you can earn 1000 points every month by just simply walking. In simple terms, you can be able to cash the value of every 1000 points equal to $1 off by simply purchasing at Walgreens

Also, there are some other methods that help you to earn Walgreens points by simply being healthy and also active.   

Final Verdict:

So, finally, we have shared some of the best apps that pay to walk. If you really want to earn by just walking then you must check out these apps which help you to earn well.

You must give these a try to these apps in terms of earning well and also these apps help you to become fit as well by walking methods.

If this article is helpful for you then let us know by simply dropping a comment below and do share this article with other people so that they also get benefited from this article.

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