What Happened To LARQ After Shark Tank?

LARQ is one of the self-cleaning and self-water purification systems and it is founded by Justin Wang who appears in shark tank season 12 episode 21 and asks for $500,000 for 15 equity from the Shark but people still want to know what happened to LARQ after shark tank.

The valuation of this demand of the company is $50 million, LARQ is one of the innovative self-cleaning water purifier products which will work on the PureVis technology. Also, this technology will simply remove 99% of the bio-contaminants from the water. 

The double wall vacuum is mainly installed into this bottle which will keep your water hot for approx. 12 hours and cold for mainly 2 hours. This bottle is hygienic and can get reduced instead of the plastic bottle.

Men and women are required to drink 3 liters of water daily and if it is not done then there are more chances of dehydration. 

What Happened To LARQ After Shark Tank?

larq shark tank update
What Happened To Larq After Shark Tank?

Before you drink water, you need to take proper care of the cleanliness otherwise diseases may take place. Most people will drink water from a plastic bottle but this bottle is not completely hygienic and it contains lots of bacteria. All these bacteria will get into the human body through the water and it is not easy to clean one simple bottle after another which can’t get reused. 

To get rid of such issues, it was done by Justin Wang the founder of LARQ. The special thing about the UV-C technology of this bottle is that it will turn on automatically every 2 hours until the water can be purified. The single-use plastic bottle is one of the simple alternatives and this bottle can easily be taken anywhere like travel, school, office, and much more and you will be able to get clean water. 

In January 2020, Justin Wang paid $6.1 million for his company, valuing the company at $31 million. After this, he appears in the shark tank to simply get his next funding. In the year 2019, Larq generated sales of $7 million. 

What is LARQ?

Larq is one of the self-cleaning water bottles which use UV light to purify the water. This company was started in the year 2017 and PureVis technology gets used in this bottle which will easily remove 99% of the bio-contaminants like E.coli from the water. This technology in the bottle will activate every 2 hours and blow and cleans the bacteria. This bottle is cleaner, better, smarter, and can be used on a regular basis. 

The hospital uses the same technology to sanitize the operating rooms and this light will work for 100,000 uses on a single charge and it will get charged with the help of the USB cable. LARQ bottle PureVis mainly features double-wall vacuum insulation which will keep the water hot for nearly 12 hours and cold for nearly 25 hours.

LARQ bottle pureVis comes in two modes which are insulation and non-insulation and its size is 17 oz and 25 oz. Insulated 17 oz and 250 oz sizes are mainly priced at $99 and $119 and non-insulated 17oz and 250 oz sizes are priced at $89 and $98. This company also launched two more new products bottle filtered and pitcher pureVis. In PureVis, nano zero and smart hydration technology will be used and this technology will clean the water in an advanced manner. 

Nano zero filter technology is one of the plant based filter will which will simply pull the pollutants out from the water. Smart hydration is one of the hydration tracking devices which will simply track the water intake. 

LARQ Shark Tank Update

  • Company Name: Larq
  • Founder: Justin Wang
  • Founded: 2017
  • Product: A self-cleaning water bottle that uses UV light to purify the water every 2 hours. 
  • Asked: $500,000 for 1% Equity
  • Final Deal: $1.5 million for 4% Equity
  • Shark: Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner
  • Episode: Season 12 Episode 21
  • Air Date: 16th April 2021
  • Business Status: In Business
  • Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area, California, US

Who Is The Founder of LARQ?

Larq company CEO and co-founded is Justin Wang and he studies economics and political economy at the University of California, Berkeley. After his studies, he joined Merriman Curhan Ford & Co. and worked as an investment banking associate for 3 years.

Becoming an investor in L Catterton for 3 years, he became the president of the product development company FOREO. Justin also gained lots of knowledge because of this work and in the year 2017, he started the Larq company. Douglas Collis is the chief technology officer of the company and before this, he worked at RayVio for approx. 6 years. 

Connect with Justin Wang:

Larq Before Shark Tank

Larq bottle is mainly developed by Justin Wang just because of his frustrations. Justin is so concerned about the environment and sees lots of people using plastic bottles to drink water. Most people use single-use plastic bottles which will affect the environment a lot.

Because of this idea, Wang buys a reusable water bottle but he faces lots of uses with this bottle. This bottle is not safe from the dishwasher and it is really tough to clean it. In terms of making the reusable bottle, it is required to clean it daily otherwise bacteria will take place in it.

To fix this issue, Wang developed a Larq bottle that does reusable and self-cleaning, and purified water. 

What Happened to Larq After Shark Tank?

Kevin and Lori sign a deal with Larq at a $25 million valuation and this product is so popular already and became more popular after the shark tank. It is the premium problem fixing product and it needs the trust score which is got from the shark tank. There are lots of people in the world who don’t hesitate to buy this product.

The company is shipping the product in Canada and the United Kingdom and also in Europe and the United States till august 2022. It is also seeking the prodigy in SouthEast Asia by using the Amazon platform. 

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