What Happened To Love and Pebble After The Shark Tank?

Love and Pebble is one of the natural beauty companies which will make skin care products with the help of different fruit ingredients. Beauty pops is one of the products of this company it is a type of face mask and it is made up of papaya, banana, turmeric, and aloe vera. All beauty products are mainly made up of the natural process so that the skin doesn’t have any side effects and the skin will heal itself in a natural manner. 

Before starting this company, Lynda Truong struggled with acne and created skincare recouped with the help of natural ingredients in her kitchen. When she uses the homemade recipes on her acne, she gets miraculous results.

Linda thought of sharing her recipe with other people and she discussed it with her husband Paul Truong. After 2 years of research, she and her husband launched a love and pebble company in 2021 with the latest product beauty pops. 

In the same year after the launch of the product, Lynda and paul appears in shark tank season 13 episode 7 along with love and pebble, and ask the shark for $150,000 for the 10% equity at a $1.5 million valuation. 

What Happened To Love and Pebble After The Shark Tank?

What Happened To Love and Pebble After The Shark Tank

What is Love and Pebble?

Love & Pebble is one of the natural beauty companies and their first product is beauty pops. The name of the company is chosen by keeping in mind the first letter of the founder’s names Lynda and Paul. Beauty Pops is one of the natural masks and it is made up with the help of the Musa app powder fruit extract, maltodextrin, Carica papaya powder fruit extract, Curcuma longa powder, and aloe barbadensis organic powder. 

In terms of making the beauty pop mask, add the power into the beauty pops tray and add water into it and simply mix and add the stick and leave it in the freezer for 4 hours. After 4 hours, you have to apply the stick on the face and one beauty pops kit includes the powder, pops tray, mixing spatula, and spoon.

The beauty pops ice mask kit will cost $46. Every jar will make 12-14 beauty pops and this beauty pops tray is also reusable. You can be able to buy these products from amazon and from the official website of the company as well.

Quick Information About Love and Pebble Business

  • Company Name: Love and Pebble
  • Founder: Lynda Truong and Paul Truong
  • Founded: November 2018
  • Product: Natural Beauty Product Lines
  • Asked For: $150,000 for a 10% Equity
  • Final Deal: No deals
  • Shark: No Shark
  • Episode (Shark Tank USA): Season 13, Episode 7
  • Air Date: 19th November, 2021
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Who Is The Founder Of Love and Pebble?

Love and Pebble company is mainly owned by Lynda Truong and Paul Truong. Both of them started this company on November 2018. 

Lynda is the co-founder of the company and she came up with the business ideas in the year 2018. 

  • Paul Truong

Paul Truong is one of the honorable co-founders and also one of the marketing experts of the company. Paul comes up from a pharmaceutical background and also did his doctorate of pharmacy from mercer university. After the completion of the studies, he worked as a pharmacist at Delta Air Lines for nearly 12 years. 

Love and Pebble Before Shark Tank

Love and Pebble company is mainly launched in November 2018 but after 2 years of research, this company will launch its first product beauty pops in 2021. Lynda is having an acne problem and she can’t afford the skin care products that’s why she made a homemade recipe with the help of natural fruits. She applied this natural recipe to her skin and her acne problem got fixed and her skin also started glowing. 

Then, Lynda discusses it with her husband Paul and this is where they introduce the love and pebble company. Lynda started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 21 at the clothing boutique and paul said that the company’s story is mainly inspired by the penguins. 

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Love and Pebble?

Lynda Truong and Paul Truong enter the shark tank and ask the sharks for $150k for 10% equity. Both of them told the shark about their business story and how they began this company.

Love and Pebble launched the beauty pops product in March 2021 and their lifetime sale was $890,000 and nearly $100,000 was sold in 4 days in May. This sale occurs because of the video going viral on TikTok and Lynda’s mother’s face transformation video gets uploaded on TikTok and that video gets 4 million views. 

The product cost is $9.20 and it gets sold for nearly $46 and it is having a margin of 80%. The company is self-funded and Lynda sold her house for $100,000 to start this company.

Kevin O’Leary says that the viral thing doesn’t happen all the time and they have the sales being done by spending marketing. They do the paid marketing and their customer acquisition cost is $7. 

They require the shark to take this product into the retail space and mark cuban said that it is not a fit for him that’s why he is out. Kevin O’Leary also said that it is not a product for him and that’s why he is out.

Daniel Lubetzky said that he doesn’t have the expertise in this space and that’s why he is also out. Lori Greiner said that this product is not good for her so she is also out. Barbara Corcoran said that this business is good for the investor and she is out now. 

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